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I Saw A Ladybug

I saw a Ladybug twice last week. The first time was at work. I was sitting outside and one was next to me on the bench. The second time today was at my house. I was walking up the stairs and there was one on the wall. For someone who…

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Being Handy

Here is what I’m looking to fill the handy bags with. Shampoo Conditioner Soap Deodorant Combs Brushes Toothbrushes Toothpaste Razors Shaving Cream Beauty products like hairspray, conditioner, etc Feminine Hygiene HUGELY NEEDED!!! (Tampons and Pads) Lotion​ Facial Cleansers Q-Tips Sanitary Napkins Wipes Nail Clippers Extras Include: Sox Gloves Snacks First Aid Kit If…

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