What Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status Means For Us

imagesBy now everyone has heard the news of Charlie Sheen announcing he’s HIV positive. He came out and announced it because he was hiding it for a while, four years I believe, and was being blackmailed. He’s not the first celebrity to come out and say he is HIV positive but it means something a little different for us ‘common folk’.

Charlie Sheen is a huge star. He’s got millions of dollars and the ability to do whatever he wants. A lot of people, who aren’t even close to Charlie Sheen status, think they’re invincible to health issues. Some run around having unprotected sex or engage with people without protecting themselves. Others know the their partner is having sex with other people, likely unprotected too, but still let it go on. This situation should arrive as a wake-up call to those who are out there not protecting themselves or their sexual health.

This whole side chick /side dude thing and pussy and dick free for all is messing us up as a society. People are accepting this over-sexual culture without protecting themselves. I’m all for do what you want with your body but also protect it. If you’re going to sleep around, protect yourself because you don’t know what you could catch from someone or what you could pass on to someone else. Ladies, while I know you want to keep your bed warm because it’s cold outside, do it with someone who’s yours -not someone else or someone who belongs to everyone. Protect yourself!

World-AIDS-DayWorld Aids Day is coming up December 1st. I strongly suggest people get checked. I had an HIV test this past summer and I’m happy to say it was negative. I get checked every year. My reasons for it is because it’s free and while I feel safe with my partner, you never know! People are human and humans make mistakes. With that being said, having that conversation with your significant other is critical. IF you think your partner steps out on you, protect yourself before it is too late. So many times we think someone is clean or you can’t get something but clearly disease doesn’t discriminate.

Looking at these headlines…

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