Cheating In Your Relationship?

cheating-manIn the day of social media, going back to school and working longer and later hours at work, cheating has become more tempting. One has to be realistic as they enter into a relationship and marriage with someone. Some people believe it is inevitable and human nature to sneak out the back door a few times, while others think it is a down right sin. What side of the fence do you stand on?

The reality is once you accept cheating, you have accepted the possibility of getting really hurt. You have accepted possibly getting a disease. You have accepted being left. You have accepted less than what you deserve. Not the boujie way oh no!  For the ladies, the saying, “a man is going to do what he wants to do and there is no stopping him” should not be the reason why you accept cheating. If you forgive them one time with no repercussions, you might have a problem on your hands. You can not make it easy to come home because these bad behaviors become bad habits! Let him feel his mistake and learn from it. What good is it if you just say, “I know your sorry come back to bed” only for him to do it again…and again and….


Yeah… this is over.

Then there is the other perspective. Many women have invested in a man for years, involved children, the money factor and let’s face it, you might have just aged. Do you throw away your relationship because of one (maybe more) mistake? The answer here is no. Investments, not matter what they are, take time, work and rebuilding. You do not just throw it away impulsively; you have to think things through. Sometimes thinking through is getting your money together in a secret account, say nothing and build your case so you can win in court. Katie Cruz anyone?! Sometimes it is forgiving them and knowing this is your relationship and no one needs to dictate to you how to run it. If this is the case then look away. You know your limits and what you can and can’t live with. Simple enough?

If you are on the fence, remember this, what you accept is what you get and sometimes deserve. Pimp wisely ladies!

Looking at the clock and the front door…


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