Choose Yourself

love-yourself-firstThe strongest power any woman can have is the power to put herself first. From birth we’ve been trained to be helpers because of our motherly instincts. We go on making excuses for people, being flexible in extreme situations and over balancing things for others. Then comes a moment, a moment when something isn’t right and you have to choose between the satisfaction for yourself or someone else. This is the moment that hurts because choosing you might mean you lose them.

Choosing yourself, so you can be happy, is different from selfishness. People all around us are selfish and look out for themselves. We have to get to the point when we say no to things that don’t benefit us. You can be a generous person but there comes a time when you have to say, “No, this time I choose me.” Being selfish means you always choose yourself and everything you do is for self gratification. That leads to a lonely life because you can not keep taking from people and not giving. The world doesn’t work that way.

I’m going through a tough time right now because I had to say no to someone I really care about. I put myself first because this time I saw that saying yes would lead to me being unhappy. I don’t want to become one of those unhappy women that walk around with a cloud over their heads, everything they say is negative, and they are clearly bitter. My personality is light and I don’t want to fall into darkness. So I’m pushing through and standing by my decision to be happy this time, even if it means standing alone…

Stay strong ladies and remember your value is a lot more than an instagram post, Facebook status, money, and disrespect from a loser. God first.

Boujie Mack

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