Chris Brown and Rihanna…and Karrueche Tran???

Are you the woman that the man is using until his main squeeze comes back? What many women do not pay attention to is when they get with a guy, who clearly is still hung up on his ex, is the waiting period before you are thrown out of his life. You do not want to risk being the “waiting period woman.” The “waiting period woman” is the woman, who a man gets with, moves her in or even marries her, until the one he really wants to be with returns. (Oh and by the way, don’t think having his child is going to move up your ranks. You will find yourself shit out of luck with that one.) This is usually caused by a sudden break-up or simply men are stupid. You decide. :)

It is not the boujie way to be around a man KNOWING you are the second option. Being second choice means at some point you are not going to be enough for him. At some point he is going to leave you high and dry because he isn’t satisfied. Your fabulousness can only wow him for so long before the heart’s desires set in. Before the cheating begins. Before the disrespect sets in. Before the “it’s not you…it’s me sets in.” Before I have to start a boujie girl bail out fund because you flipped out.

Bottom line, it feels good being the one a man wants. It feels even better knowing he is not waiting around for old girl to come back around. Use your intuition before your bags are packed to move in only to move out . The last thing you want is to check into the heart break hotel. After all, boujie girls do not accept any other position other than number one. What would we look like coming in second place?! If you are his number two, he doesn’t need to even be on your list.

Sitting at the top of my throne…


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