Crush on Employees and Bosses

giphyThere are so many fine people out in the world. One thing we cannot ignore is when someone attractive catches our eye. To cross the line or not cross the line with your employee or boss… that truly indeed is the question.

I’m a teacher so of course I come across the attractive, annoying, ugly, all that. What keeps me in check is I deal with people that are like 18-19 and once I let that sink in, they become my children. But there does come a time when an adult decided to return to school and I’m like well damn. Do I cross that line? No, probably because I realize their grammar is terrible but I know others who have. What’s a Boujie girl to do when he’s just THAT fine?!

decide-you-just-cant-say-goodbye-yet-anywayHere is the deal. You cannot control who and what you like but you can control if you choose to pursue it. I would say know the consequences; they can be good or bad but know them and don’t deny them. Weight out the options and ask yourself will it be worth it later, if shit hits the fan? IF you will not work with them for long, you feeling them and they’re feeling you, phuck it BUT if this is your regular day-to-day, just think about shitting where you eat. It doesn’t always end up pretty. Remember that neighbor I told you about? What if things went in one direction and fell apart. I would have to throw eggs at his house everyday and honestly, it would be a waste of eggs!

My advice would be not to go there. Go there if you are on your way out or transferring because there is nothing like dealing with your ex 40+ hours a week. Can you imagine?

Keeping my eyes shut…

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