Is it Cuffin’ Season Already?

black-couple-in-bedFor those who don’t know what cuffing season is, it is the time of year, preferably the fall and winter, when people, who normally are single, decide to settle down for a season or two. This concept is so funny because the summer time is when you have fun and enjoy the long nights and hot days. Then suddenly because it is cold outside, people think it’s the time to get serious with one person. So ladies, get ready for the “hey stranger” text messages! When I was younger, like in college or even high school, the summertime was for fun and the sun.

As an adult, it makes no sense to me why a grown man would destroy his relationship just so he can be single in the summer. We are not in school where we get breaks. We work all year and hopefully get a vacation. What is so dope about the summer that makes a man think he has to be single? Is it because women show more skin? He wants to go out and party without having anyone to answer to perhaps? It’s childish and dumb. If any of you receive a “hey stranger” text from a lame who acted like he ain’t no nobody all summer, send him a text that says, “At the subscribers request, this phone does not accept phone calls or text messages from losers like you. Please try to call someone who gives a damn.” Uh! Not the boujie way! Hitting ignore on my phone, BOUJIE MACK

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