Cuffin Season

11335780_1600691323532394_1867277052_nIt’s the time of year when men start to either get their act together or continue to act a fool. For the single ladies out there, the “hey stranger” text messages are coming in because cuffin season is in effect.

How come when it starts to get cold outside that’s when we start to think about who we want to cuddle with. Now with “Netflix and Chill” the thing to do is stay inside and watch movies. Are we getting to know people better this way or are we just postponing the inevitable fuck? Since when did it become ok to skip going out and getting to know each other? We’ve replaced it with sitting in the dark and making kissy faces with strangers. I’m not going to lie; it’s exciting but what about getting to know the person? Is dating dead?

date_flirt_wine_restaurant_laughing_relationship_couple_love_romanticI never liked movie dates because you don’t really talk until after the movie and then you end up mainly talking about the movie and not getting to know the person. There is something about sitting across from someone and having a conversation, looking them in the face to really see them. I’m not talking about walking side by side and having a conversation but looking them right in their face.

Maybe for the preseason of Cuffin, before we actually draft our boos for the winter, we look them in the face to see who they are. People have no problem lying to someone, who isn’t looking at them or kind of distracted by noise. But when you’re looking them in the face, it cuts down the motive to lie. Give it a try.

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