Could You Date A Celebrity?

UsWeekly's HOT HOLLYWOOD 2007 - InsideA lot of women look at some of these stars and think how amazing these people look on TV, magazines and such. Some even claim them as their husbands, baby fathers, girl crush, wifey, whatever your preference! But can you imagine dating a celebrity?

Sometimes the fame and glamour looks really good. But what I’m noticing on reality TV shows is something we all already knew; it is not as glamorous as it seems. For people who are living barely one pay check to the next, they would take that lifestyle in an instant if it meant no more money and lifestyle troubles. As nice as that may seem, dating a celebrity or not, you still have to deal with bullcrap dating anyone. It is just different levels.

Think about it, famous or not, do you not have to deal with other people’s opinion about your relationship? Yes. Are there rumors and gossip about your boo? Likely. It’s just when they are famous, it get magnified. Oh the horror if you are not famous and no one cares about you and are solely focused on them.

johnny-depp-people-magazine-coverFrankly, I like that I can break up and make up with someone quietly if I wanted to without a press release. But let me just add, some lames act like they are celebrities and post announcements of their relationship like someone cares but no one does… smh. Anyway! Imagine going through a public break up. I mean, sometimes these celebs can’t even do it decently; they have to go and be with someone else within a week to completely humiliate the other person. Twitter rants, posted pics or worse… an unfollow/ unfriend scandal. Goodness! Like seriously? Sometimes, low-key regular is just fine.

There is a difference being broken up rich and broken up poor, at least when you have money or access to their money you can fly away on some kind of vacation. When you are regular, you better go to work. No one is trying to hear you need a break from a public break up. Get over it and set the alarm because life goes on. Sigh…

Wishing I had a Jet…


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