Date Night Part II: Date the Bestie

tumblr_lmsctsh8ns1qfkdo4o1_500We get so busy that sometimes all we do is text and talk to our girlfriends via gmail chat, phones or a Facebook/ Instagram comments. While this is better than nothing, it isn’t much. Setting up a date with your girlfriend is a must do. Date night with the besties are needed in our boujie lives!

Women need positive relationships in their lives. We need each other to reenergize, vent, love, shop, borrow stuff and just be. I never like when I hear women say they don’t have female friends because women are so much drama. While this can be true, life without women friendships, I’d imagine, is kind of cold. I love my girlfriends. God knows when I vent to my guy friends about stuff it is never the same as my girlfriends. My girlfriends range from my sisters to my homegirl in the next classroom. #womannation

girlfriends-4So make time for the people who are important to you. Even if it is once a month, make a date and stick to it. Make it an important date and do not cancel. If someone isn’t feeling good and can’t make it out, go visit them and bring some chicken noodle soup. If they keep canceling on you then take it as a sign… sorry! Either way, love the people who love you back.

Getting excited about the weekend…


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