Date Night Part I

imagesWhen you have been in a relationship for a long time, things can start to get rather ordinary. It’s really important to keep things in your relationship fresh, so you and your significant other are happy. When life happens and you have jobs, children, church, responsibilities and so on, we can neglect our relationships. We all know there is no good to doing that, so it is important that we keep things, especially in our romantic lives, fresh and sexy.

A long time ago, I read an article that talked about the importance of have a date night when you are in a relationship. Even if you have children or it’s just the two of you, it is important to make time for one another.

You never know when your main squeeze is not feeling loved or you may be feeling a little neglected. Either way, pick a date to hang out with your boo and commit to it. It doesn’t have to be a fancy date. If you can’t get a sitter, send the kids off to bed early, you and your boo order in and it’s movie night. Either way, pick a day and time and commit to it. Don’t forget to enjoy the summer time.

Getting ready for tonight….
Boujie MACK

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