Dateless Boujie Mack

urlNothing annoys me more than a man who’s just plain stupid. They say you can’t measure intelligence but some men are 6 feet of just plain stupid. I was talking to this guy, recently, and he was asking what I did for a living. I told him and he said impressive. We get to talking about ourselves and I’m thinking, ok, he’s a cool guy. He works for FedEx or one of those mail delivery places. Just when I’m about to exchange phone numbers this idiot does me a favor and puts his foot in his mouth. This crap leaves me dateless…. again! 🙁

This Guy…
This idiot asked me where I like to eat. I list a few places and he asked me if I like sushi. I said I do but I’m really specific about where I eat sushi because I like my sushi fresh. You know what his fool said?! He said, “You must be one of those suck up girls.” I was like excuse me? Say what now? He’s smiling at me when he said it and tried to laugh it off. Because I like fresh sushi, I’m suck up? Then he said, “I’ll take you to one of your fancy places. Give me your number.” I was so turned off because now a clean place to eat fresh food is considered fancy for this low class fuck? I can’t. 😐

Needless to say, I didn’t give him my number. I moseyed along and carried on with my day. Some of you are probably ready to tell me I should have just gone out with him and then dumped him. Listen, I’m over 30 and time is critical. I refuse to waste my time with anyone I 1: don’t respect or 2: don’t want their company. I can manage to hang out with pleasant people who don’t think I’m stuck up and eat fresh sushi; those people are called my friends. I’ll be damned if I waste time with a mofo just because I want to spend his money. I’d rather be dateless than to deal with someone I have no intentions of seeing ever again.

datelessI’ve been running into a lot of guys, who act like the simple things are just too much for them. I mean, really? A clean sushi place is fancy and I’m suck up for wanting to eat at a place other than some dusty run down fast food place? Have men gotten so spoiled with this Netflix and Chill thing that taking a woman out is considered too much? Will that leave women dateless?

Just Wait…
My answer is no. There are still some gentlemen out there willing to take a step towards being a real man and getting to know someone before they enter their home. I’m not with this whole coming to my house shit and maybe getting to know someone from there. (That’s called a hook up and a wish.) Maybe I’m old fashioned or considered stuck up because it’s not the boujie way, for me, to Netflix and Chill on the first or second date. I want more out of people, who want to be in my life and if a person falls short at being decent, I don’t want em. That goes for new friendships and relationships I’m building with people. If it means it will take longer for me to find someone, fine I’ll wait because I’m not lowering my standards because of this microwave society. Toyota Official Headquarters says they made about 3,360,000 cars in a year. Divide that up and they are popping out 13,800 cars per day. They can make about 575 cars per hour. It takes six months to build ONE Rolls-Royce. Platinum deserves Platinum. 😉

Hitting ignore on my caller iPhone,

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