Dating Down the New Trend?

Are Boujie girls dating down in order to find happiness? The answer is yes. We have our classic boujie girls who demand a man meet them at where they are salary, education, and position wise or are higher to even hold a conversation. Then there is the new 2012, the world is gonna end anyways boujie girl, dating the blue-collar man. What is going on?

The blue-collar man is a man who makes between 30-60k a year, holds at least an associate degree or a bachelor, doesn’t have a home yet but better credit, drives a basic car, nothing fancy and is cool with a nice dinner at Friday’s. This average man is winning against the dolla-dolla bills ya’ll kind of man.

It is not wonder that most boujie girls hold higher positions like lawyers, accountants, office managers, ahem professors J , authors, etc. The truth is most of the men up where we are career and salary wise either can’t stand a boujie girl and run, or the market is smaller. The bigger dating market is the blue-collar man. I’m not saying the blue-collar man is any less then the baller, but they are more available. The pool of men who reach the high standard for boujie girls are getting smaller and smaller every day, so why fight and claw at that small pool of boujie men? Go for the nicer less maintenance guy. He might not have everything you have ladies, but it’s not about things, it’s about how he treats you.

I’m one to know what it’s like to have everything and lose everything. It takes a day to lose everything so why not go for the guy who is willing and not intimidated to be with a powerful woman AND treats you right. Just a tip, don’t trip on his ego ladies and remind him about your resume. It’s not sexy nor is it the boujie way. Sheesh!

Off to Sell Shoes On Ebay,

Boujie MACK

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