Dating a Guy Your Mom HATES

hate-my-mother-600x450The only thing worse than dating someone your friends may not like is dating a guy your own mother doesn’t like. Mothers and daughters for years have bickered back and forth about the type of men mothers want their daughters to marry. When we were younger, we went for the Mr. Wrong types all day and refused to listen to what our mothers said. When we got older, we realized they were right and were only looking out for us. But as adults, this conflict still occurs…why?


Moms-Words-of-Wisdom-2Mama Knows
When you have lived a little, you know how life can be. You realize the nerd that got teased in school is likely to be running things and can offer you more than the bad boy with the bad attitude. You now understand Mr. Popular is probably on someone’s couch making minim wage. (Sorry but that’s not the boujie way Mr. Popular!)  You see now that a guy with a record and in and out of jail may not be the one to build a life with or have children with. You can probably even sniff an opportunist, shady, cheating, low-down, scum bag from a mile a way these days. Guess what? Your mama can too! How? She’s seen it.

Here is the deal; your mother has been through stuff. She has had her fair share of heartaches, breaks and restoration. She has, believe it or not, dated, gotten married, had children (your butt!) and so on. There are things she sees just like we see. Mothers have a type of insight we may not get until we are older. So listen up.

beyonce-grown-womanBut Your Grown
At the same time, when you are grown, you have to be your own woman. You cannot always listen to what mama says and be a mommy’s girl. You have to be your own girl and make decisions for yourself. This way you know when you are screwed over, it was because you lived your own life your own way. The best thing about moms is they are always there to console you when stuff hits the fan. Please be cautioned that if your mom is anything like mine, while consoling you, she might throw in a “I never liked him,” “I always knew he was this and that” and my personal favorite while she wiped my tears, “I told you so!”

Listening to my mother talk…

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