Dating is an Audition

giphyWhen a single person decides they want to date, they make the decision to either date to find someone to be in a relationship with or to spend time with someone with no strings attached. Dating is the process is where we try someone out to see if we want a relationship with them. For women, when we start dating, we might have a pool of men to choose from. By the time we decide to give it up to someone, we then tend to focus on just him. The problem that can arise from this is men don’t think the same way we do. Just because one woman has sex with him, he might not stop dating the others. How can you get into a relationship in 2015? Is it through sex or just plain good intentions?

90 Day Rule?
I believe within 30 days you’ll learn a person’s intentions. In 60 days, you’ll learn interesting things about them and habits. Within 90 days, you’ll learn about their past and how they got to where they are. If you are looking for a relationship, you have to be clear about what you want from day one. If you mislead a man and let him think you are ok with being casual, those words will come back to haunt you. Don’t bullshit him or fool yourself.

Some women date and fuck to get a relationship. It’s like she’s using her pussy as the first offer for love. This is wrong. A man can have sex with you a million times and not want to marry you, while you’re willing to take a bullet for him. Be cautious. Before you have sex with him, learn his intentions. If he’s a liar, you’ll see signs believe me. God gave us intuition, don’t turn away from your instincts and know he can’t hide behind his lies forever. Get into a relationship because you both want to be together and grow together, not because you had to convince him you’re the one with what’s between your legs.

3244171600_1_3_oqNjWOSBHold Off On Sex??
As for the sex… how horny are you? If you’re really horny, you don’t care what he wants; you just want someone to touch you. If you want a relationship, masturbate until you think you found someone who wants to be serious. It’s hard because sometimes you just want to hang out with someone who is so fine and you want to bite into him but you know he’s no good! Oh the horror! But don’t do it girl. Just hold out for someone who you can say is potential. We sometimes know right from the beginning if the man is trash and pass but we mess with him anyway only to later say, I fucking knew it. Tisk tisk. Some of us are getting too old for those games, so run away.

Instead of using your pussy as collateral for a relationship, find out who the dude is. If he does shady things right from the start, take it as a sign and move on. Your goodies won’t change a man’s intentions. It will satisfy an itch for the moment not change a person, remember that. Till Next Time.

Cancelling Another Date…

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