Do NOT Propose To Him

women-proposing-to-men-thumbThere is a ridiculous trend with women on reality TV, who are proposing to their men. This is not the boujie way. A man should be the one to propose to the woman. It does not matter that we are women of the what? New Millennium? (Does anyone say that anymore? Hump!) A man is still a man. He has to be certain things are in order before he can become a husband. If he cannot hold down a family or wrap his mind around being with just one woman for the rest of his life, you can expect to deal with some trouble.

It is foolish trying rush a man to the alter. Never force something on someone if they are not ready. Assume you have pressured and got him marry you, at some point this person may resent you. How would you feel if someone pressured you into something that you didn’t want to do? Then you end up doing it only to find out you were not ready or it was not what you wanted. Turn it around and add marriage into that.

woman-proposingYou want to be with a man who is ready and excited about being with you. You did not work this hard to settle for someone who is on the fence. After all, you are fabulous; of course a man wants to marry you, when he is ready. Remember, if you have to scheme to get him you are going to have to scheme to keep him and honestly that it too much freaking work! Still not convinced?

Damon Young (aka “The Champ”), who does Q&A for Madame Noire (another lifestyle website) responded to this question by stating…

“Anyway, I’m bringing this all up as a context to understand why I think it’s a bad idea for a woman to propose to a man. If he’s not into you enough to propose to you, I doubt he’ll be into you enough to stay committed in your relationship. I mean, do you really want to spend the rest of your life with a man didn’t make any real effort to prove he wanted to be with you?”

Does that give you enough chills for you to chill? Have faith that it will happen and be happy with where you are. If push gets to shove, there are always cats. 🙂

Staring at this tattoo on my ring finger…



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