Can We Get a Do-Over?

bad-dateEver started dating someone and thought, we moved things too fast and now he is too comfortable? A girlfriend of mine started dating this new guy. She invited him over her house on the first date. They had a good time, no sex but things progressed very quickly since then. When she asked him to go out for the second date, he invited her over his house. Pretty soon they had a routine of visiting each other’s homes; her making a home cooked meal and him using up her internet. She complained that they never went out and had been seeing each other for over a month. What just happened here?

The problem with this is they never went out in the first place. Whatever this guy’s motives are, if he wanted to take her out, to wine and dine her, he would have! But he didn’t have to because he skipped first base and went straight to third. After she let him hit it, it was homerun and he got even lazier. He only came to her house mainly at night from then on. Can you say the writing is on the wall? She says she is trying to reverse it and change where their “relationship” is headed. Good luck with that.

o-BAD-DATE-facebook1For anyone how has been there, once it goes in that direction it is pretty hard to change routes. It is not that it is impossible but it rarely changes. Just when you accept a guy that only texts you, the second you try to call, notice how he reacts. Men generally are very simple. Once it works one way, they stick to it. Also once they conquest, they change. It is inevitable because men are for the chase. Once the chase is over, they don’t feel the need to do much else.

Save yourself the trouble and refrain from skipping the necessary steps of getting to know someone. You send a major message to a man the second you let him in your house or accept that he won’t take you out. Raising the bar on dating it a must because without it, expect to be treated like a basic. And in Boujie land, being basic is just not the boujie way.

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