Don’t Laugh at Her

kevinGossip is a scary thing. Over the weekend everyone knew or should have figured out Kevin Hart cheated on his second wife and people had time to laugh at her. But wtf is so damn funny?

SO the gag is Hart’s second wife, Eniko Parrish, was allegedly his mistress when he was married to Torri Hart. Even if that was true at this point, Enika is pregnant and where is the sympathy towards her during this time. We all know if she was our girlfriend or we had a girlfriend going through stuff like her, we would be livid at his behavior. We were mad at Tiger Woods, so why not Kevin?

Getting Laughed at and Lacking Sympathy

I’ve argued with my girlfriends sometimes when we’ve had discussions about something fucked up, like Enika’s situation. We disagreed on caring because they either didn’t experience the pain or were on the other side. Sometimes we lack sympathy because it ain’t us. When someone was going through a divorce and I was married, I admit to not caring much but when I was going through it, I EXPECTED the world to come to a stop to help me. Where was the sympathy? So because we don’t agree with someone’s actions or are not in the situation, we cannot understand pain? Why do we have to go through the same thing before we understand people need people.

When I was going through my shit, I wished people gave a damn because I was going through real shit and it was very few people who reach out. I’m talking reached out to see how I was and checked up without prepping their own agenda of complaints to drop on my desk. (Shout out to CW). Either way, we have to stop throwing these damn bully stones and learn to have a heart. (The irony Heart – Hart)

I’m out, I have to finish this beatsheet and prep for more filming. Be good.

Trying to stay awake…

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