Editorial: Dream Chasing

fear-woman-300x199This economy sucks. Heading off to spend thousands on a degree that will cost you more than you make sucks even more. Small living, small spending, broke circles is not the boujie way. Also, waiting around on a job to give you their round of applause for your hard work is also lame and quite frankly, stupid.

Everyone has some natural talent, something they do really well. Some people are meant to be just where they are, regular and that is just fine. Not everyone can be a CEO or run companies. Then there are the rest of us… we are not fine with being regular but we are stuck in regular because of what we have accepted. At the same time, slaving over a job to make a lot of money and you hate your job is possibly worse than being broke. Where’s the balance?

There is something to be said about people with money. They are really different. They talk differently, they look differently, and they even walk differently. Ever watch Steve Jobs give a speech? Ever watch a college professor give a speech? Pay attention to the difference. Jobs knows what he is talking about because he built it, knows it from the inside out, and if someone questions him about something, he can answer it with confidence. A professor / teacher are different. They are delivering a message they learned and sometimes may not even believe. So if a student asks a question they can’t answer, some might ignore the student, others argue, and some pretend they know the answer. The difference here is the teacher is teaching what they learned from someone else, Jobs is teaching what he built and he is secure in what he knows.

12dreamstime_8327749xWhat’s my point? If you are in a place you haven’t built and you are delivering a message, package or whatever it is you do, it is not yours. You can never have full confidence in it because it is not yours. You will never become wealthy working for someone else; you will never be satisfied doing something you don’t like. Why not put the time into something you do like and use your intelligence to build yourself a business. If not a whole business, finish whatever project you always wanted to do.

The thing about goals is you create them to motivate you to keep going. A person without goals and aspirations is dead. There is nothing driving them. You have to strive to be something and do something so you don’t become numb in this cold world. You may not become a billionaire but the cost of happiness is worth more than any dollar. Work wisely boujie ones…

Mapping out the business plan…


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