Eyelash Appeal

Eyelash-Extensions-600x400So I had a personal photo shoot for the B Mack website. It will be revealed on the 5-year anniversary, June 1st. One thing I noticed when I was getting my make-up done was the make-up artist added lashes on me. At first, I was hesitant and didn’t want to look too made up but when I saw the results… honey! Those eyelashes were poppin’!

What I found with adding eyelashes is it opens your eyes more. It brings attention to your face and emphasizes the size of your eyes. With my eyes being almond shaped and a little wide, unless I’m sleepy, the lashes really showed the shape. My eyes look more attentive and alert. It brightens up my face in a way I never could have believed.

I don’t think I will wear lashes every day now because they are not necessary every single day BUT for those days when I want to look extra pretty, I’m batting those eyes. I think eyelashes should look natural and not overdone. While some events, like weddings, you can go overboard; (I guess) they should look like yours. Those fake, cheap looking lashes are not cute. That is what turned me off from eyelashes in the first place. Find some that will work naturally for you.

I’m going to try a few brands and post them on my Instagram page to let you know the different brands, which ones I like, why I would go with them and so on. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment or send me an email.

Batting my eyes…
Boujie Mack

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