Face My Body: 4 Pound Weight GAIN?!

imagesSorry for the late update but I have been hesitant to post because one, I did not lose ANY weight last week but didn’t gain anything either but this week I gained 4lbs?! How mortifying!!! I admit, the working out is just fine. I actually like going to the gym and working up a sweat. I am sad to report, I have been eating out. It wasn’t because it was a stressful week or I was overwhelmed but I have been emotional. When I’m emotional I don’t eat healthy, in fact I find the worst things to eat.

So 11 pound loss and four pound gain is not too bad. Here are my plans for this upcoming week. I am working on shredding at half of the weight I just gained and getting back on track. My goal is 3 pounds a week. I also haven’t been drinking as much water. This is my small plan for big changes.

  1. Drink a gallon like I was doing
  2. Have my smoothies in the morning
  3. Enjoy a meal replacement (more details next week)
  4. Much on healthy snacks and protein bars
  5. No carbs…

wpid-bajardepesoOf course I’m still working on the 10 hours a week working out plan. I am up to 4 hours now. I work out for a total hour of cardio and 15 minutes in the sauna. I raise the incline on the treadmill to 9 and the speed is 3.0-3.3 for 20-30 minutes. I saw a man do this in Instagram and believe me you work a sweat! The time goes by when you are listening to Beyonce. J I also spin for 30-45 minutes in the spin room. I’ve noticed my legs are looking amazing.

As of right now, not I do not lift. I want to burn off the fat for right now until I lose 1/4th of my goals and get used to going to the gym. I’m guessing when I’m up to 5 hours a week, consistently; it will then become easier to reach 10 because I’m going to add weights. That is it for now. Have an amazing week and be well.

Heading over to Whole Foods…


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