Face My Body: Drinking Water

th-039_1They say drinking water is the key to fueling your lifestyle change. Since you are supposed to drink, according to WebMD.com, six or eight 8-ounce glasses of water, we have to find a way to get it done. I have no idea what a 6-8-ounce glass of water looks like but I do know drinking a gallon of water is a great way to go and it meets that 6-8 ounce thing. So what not!? I know what a gallon looks like.

The problem with drinking a gallon is I am not going to walk around with a gallon of water with me. It’s heavy and ridiculous! I hate when I see people carrying a gallon of water around like it’s an accessory. Oh please! What I did to combat this challenge of drinking a gallon of water a day is buy a cute 24 oz bottle (pink of course) and fill it up a few times a day.

To get to the gallon, I drank about 5-6 of these. I added lemon in it to help with the taste. I had one in the morning, one when I got home and three throughout the day with my meals. Only one thing though… I constantly had to take a piss! Because I move around so much from place to place, I made sure to use the bathroom before I left any building! At least my pee is clear. :)

Filling up my water bottle…


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