Face My Body: Saturday Lifestyle

149_maxThe beginning of the year has passed and most people are either headings towards falling off their New Year resolutions or have already fallen off. Not us boujie girls! Because of a reality check my doctor has given me, I am on a journey to become healthy. Becoming healthy for me is losing weight, eating right and making exercise a part of my life. I believe the term for that is lifestyle change.

When you change your regimen it tends to be harder at first because it is a change. The sucky part is bidding goodbye to the tasty fatty foods and being open to things that are not greasy. I have learned that dieting and exercising is fun. You do not have to eat a plain salad every single day. One of the new Boujie Girls of the Month brought me a vegetarian cook book as a holiday gift. As I read through it, I see healthy foods that look really tasty!

So here is what I plan on doing. Every Saturday I’m going to tell you all my process and how my lifestyle change went. I will even add pictures to show you what I cooked, brought and so on. I am also going to add beauty regimens here. What good is being clean on the inside if the outside isn’t fabulous! After all, being fabulous and healthy is the boujie way!

Wishing you all luck…


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