Face My Body: Snack Time

imagesI am sorry for not posting! I get so caught up in living the boujie life that I don’t post about it. I have lost another 4 pounds! I was actually very nervous about checking the scale because I was exercising alright but the eating was hard last week. Right now I’m nervous because I’m at home and the city is shutting down because of snow, so that means I am going to want to eat comfort foods. Here is the good news; I don’t have unhealthy snacks at home! Here is the bad news, people deliver bad food! If I wake up eating right, I will likely eat right all day, so wish me luck.

Last week: I still am having my smoothies for breakfast. I have a salad a day but for dinner, it is a give or take. Sometimes I order out, yes I know, bad girl, or I make a quick meal. I had my cheat day and had gluten free pizza. I even had them put veggies on it so I wouldn’t feel so bad. :) I worked out at the gym last week only three times. Remember, I’m trying to get at least 5 hours in a week and I’m working my way up. Three isn’t bad but I want results!

I’m going to start posting quick workout’s at home on my Pinterest for you all to check out. I will definitely let you know when it’s ready.

Getting ready for a snack…


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