Fellaz Friday: Qualities In a Mate

140912134824-large-300x199Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and woman under God. The overall difficulty in marriage or getting married is what men want and need. Most importantly every man is an individual that is designed uniquely from ideology, physical, emotional, mentally and spiritual. The key components of healthy relationship that leads to marriage are the following:

  • Loyalty: Someone who is committed to your heart (best friend) and satisfy your sexual desires for you and only you.
  • Spiritual: Someone who is connected to their spirit and understands yours. Ultimately gives positive energy to you and the world
  • Physical attraction: Someone who is confident within themselves and exudes their physical strengths.
  • Ambition: Someone who is passionate and dedicated to their own dreams even if it’s consist you in it.
  • Personality: Someone who can communicate all the Ws: who, what, when, where & why. Who you are, what you want, when you need it, why you need it & where you need it!

how-young-is-too-young-to-get-marriedI cannot speak for other men about what they want or need in a relationship that would lead to marriage, but what I want and need is the unconditional love that Gods gives me and the support of a beautiful woman on the inside and out!

I’m aware that over the age of 30 women tend to have children but I would prefer not to have children before marriage or date a woman with children. I want a family of my own without other attachments.


R. Grand 

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