Forever Boujie

10361052_10100202229217951_4503327232539561160_nSo it just hit me the other day that it’s my 6th year anniversary on this blog. I guess I’ve been so busy filming my webseries, The Adjuncts, that I completely forgot! I would love to go into the whole what I’ve learned in the past six years but it boils down to one sentence, life is challenging so make the best out of it and love God. The end. Let’s move on.

So in the news, we’re discussing more Kardashian shenanigans, people want to save a gorilla over a child and other people still are getting fired over some racist bullshit on Facebook? Can we just pause for a minute and look at the headlines? Why does fuckary continue to lead our conversations? One answer, because it’s entertaining, stupid and it’s getting hot outside.

Since I have to prep for two 16 hour shoots this weekend, I’ll make this quick. It’s going to be a hot summer and I’m excited to start blogging about the foolery out there. I’m also excited to share with you my 31 things I’m doing this summer to make it fabulous. I’m turning 32 in the fall and I want to take 31 out with a bang.

Kisses! See you Monday!

-Boujie Mack

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