Freaky Friday: People Don’t Date Anymore?

He's Just Not That Into YouI received a question from a reader the other day. She asked me why women don’t date anymore. She said she met this guy and when they first met, they held a good conversation and exchanged numbers. After texting for a few days, he asked her to come over to his house. He didn’t ask if they could go out to eat, movies, walk in the park, NOTHING! He just wanted her to come over to his house. Hummm…

Since when did dates become a freakfest? When we give into going to “his house” type of date, we are skipping a lot of steps. One, what are you supposed to expect when you go over a man’s house and you don’t know him just yet? If you are dating, do that date. Also, many of us end up regretting going to the house because you already know what’s about to go down and if he’s expecting it, the pressure is on.

Ironically, my guy friend recently told me he invited a girl to come to his house. He did not plan on doing anything with her because she, according to him, was a “good girl”. Well they were vibing pretty well and starting kissing because they were attracted to each other. Next thing you know they were having sex. She ended up freaking out and running out the house claiming she wasn’t that type of girl. Umm… excuse me honey but yes you are. Why would you go to a man’s house after 7 days of knowing him and have sex, if you are not that type of girl. And what type of girl is she referring to anyway? She probably freaked because she didn’t want him to lose respect for her. He didn’t lose respect but he lost interest.

lakehs2So on this Friday, when you ladies go out tonight, some of you go hunting, think about what you want the outcome to be. It is safer to pass on the weekend rump of you don’t really know the guy. We aren’t sluts but when the body temperature goes up around a stranger, it’s easier to cool off if you are in public instead of behind closed doors that lead to the walk (or run for some) of shame the next day. Be safe ladies!

Having no plans this weekend,


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