Friends in Sales…

non-compete-salespersonI have a lot of friends who have their own side business. It is critical to understand when you have your business where you sell products and build teams, you are making the owner the most money and you are a part of a pyramid scheme. This is not always a bad thing; actually, a lot of people make a lot of extra cash this way. It’s better than standing on your feet getting minimum wage at some crappy customer service job. However, I have a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and sales; I can smell a sales gimmick from the moment a stranger starts talking to me. I’m over it, don’t sell me anything anymore!

For the people who sell here is a tip, the way you build clientele is by, first getting a business that is not over saturated. Can you people please be more creative? Oversaturated business owners never make a lot of money. Why? Because everyone and their mama are selling the same exact thing you are selling. The second your customer can’t find you, they will easily find someone else to get the product from. Next, the product you are selling has to be on you at all times and you have to be the brand. (Which is messed up because you are actually branding for another business but I digress) If you are selling a diet product, you should be fit. If you are selling a beauty product, you should be beautiful and attractive. If you are selling knives… well start chopping stuff up whenever you think you can draw a crowd.

Chasing-People-300x159How you will not get a sale is buy overly aggressive sales pitches. One thing you will learn from any million dollar sales person is when you are selling, you have to make someone feel like they have to have it. Telling them this product is going to work miracles doesn’t always work. People are skeptical and they will do a quick google search in a second, find the word scam and instantly be turned off. Gimmicks can get you the customer but they may not keep them. In order to keep the customer, show them how the product you are selling benefits them; figure out what they want and give them what they need. I hate when I agree to support a business and then I’m harassed into working with the person. It is such a turn off and I will start to ignore you almost immediately. If you customer wants more, they will tell you. Let them know about other products but adding them to excessive mailing list, constant text messages and all that crap will get you ignored, blocked and talked about negatively.

Promotion is good and smart, harassment is bad business. If someone wants to look like you, make money the way you do, or be like you, show them the business and tell them how much it benefits you, so they want to do it to.  Meanwhile, stop chasing people down in parking lots, grocery stores, malls, gyms and the post office. We the people have spoken!

Hitting ignore on my phone…


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