He is full of Shit

he_s_just_not_that_into_you101Whenever you hear a man claim that you deserve better or you watch him date a “weaker” woman, it can be for a few reasons. One, he could feel like more of a man when he is with a woman (the weaker one) who doesn’t argue with him, submit to what he wants and allows him to do whatever he wants without saying a word, good or bad.  Another reason is he could simply not want you and he uses this excuse to get out of the situation. Sometimes he doesn’t want you for the moment. Men have a tendency to diss you when their attention is with someone else but when they get an itch or see you with someone else, they want you back. Bottom line, he’s full of it.

imagesThe “Weaker” Woman

Let’s be clear about something. Weaker women are not stupid women; they know how to stroke a man’s ego and come off passive so he is drawn to her. Most men don’t like drama; they are simple. They want to good looking woman that is going to please them, right? So when this woman comes along, she is all extra sweet and willing to please. Then there are women that are not going to tolerate silly BS like extra phone numbers, random calls in the middle of the night, disappearance and etc. The weaker women would rather have a man and keep her mouth shut then speak up because he’s going to stay with her…for a while at least.

All women do have a breaking point. If a man is acting stupid, even the weaker woman is going to eventually snap. That is when the man is going to be surprised and claim she is acting different. No, she is not amused with the shenanigans.

affleckHe’s Not that Into You Crap

Because women can only play a role for so long, after a while being with the weaker women gets boring and he’s out on the prowl again. He could find his way back to you or find someone else he can play around with. This is called childish behavior and you need to realize you are not dealing with a man, you are dealing with a boy.

Real men are not going to say you deserve better. A man wants the best and if thinks you are the best, he’s gunning for you. If you see him with your weaker counterpart, it’s because she is giving his ego something you are not and that will not last for long. However, you may want to look in the mirror. There can not be two men in a heterosexual relationship. You can not act like you don’t need him, try to control him, and disrespect him and expect him to stay. The constant bitching also doesn’t help because when he wants an escape, he’s going to find one and let you go. Date wisely…

Ignoring the boys…


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