Hump Day Files: Oh He’s Gay Now?

Kordell-Stewart-Porsha-Stewart-Rebound-CoverNothing screams bitter than when a woman claims a man is gay after they broke up. It is tacky and useless really. We have discussed this before; do not blast your ex! While driving to my work, I was listening to the radio station and heard Kordell Stewart, former NFL player, discuss his current relationship with his estranged wife, Porsha D Stewart, who happens to star in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What caught my attention wasn’t his anger about how the show is portraying him; it was his wife is now claiming he is gay.

First of all, I’m over listening to women claim a man is gay after the man has left them or the relationship broke off. When I watched the clip online about her discussing his sexuality, she said there were things he did that were suspect throughout the marriage. In the day of HIV and AIDS killing people, why would a woman openly date and later marry a man she thinks could be gay or bisexual?? Kenya Moore, also on Housewives, claimed the same thing about her ex, but she wanted to marry him. Oh please!

Rihanna-Shhh-621x325It’s a low blow that I just will not believe. If your relationship ends, it is better to let it die and move on. There is no need to dish out on the extra details of what you may have thought, what this person did or didn’t do and so on. Call him a piece of shit, steal some of his stuff and move on. When a person is no longer a part of your life, discussing them gives THEM rule over you. We all know that is not the boujie way, especially over someone who doesn’t matter anymore. Ladies, do yourself a favor, unless you caught him in the act, leave it alone and find someone who is going to make you happy.


Realizing that I have no exes just Ys….


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