Get Your Life

Work-Life-BalanceIt doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, dating, whatever, get your own life and do not become so absorbed in your man. Here is the thing, when you center your entire life around a man, you can end up not having one (Life or man). No one here is dooming the future with your boo but how often do we hear men complain about a woman being all over him and not having ambition to do something for herself, so he either leaves, cheats or ignores her. Believe it or not, you can smother him and that is not attractive. You can’t sit there and do nothing for yourself. Even if you have children, there are things you can do as a woman that establishes a life with your husband but separate. You can’t be all about him all the time.

Setting Goals
I see this so often. When a man and woman break up, the first thing the woman does is get her body together, go back to school and starts going after her dreams. Wait. Why didn’t you do that in the first place? She’s doing it to show him what he is losing but if it was done in the first place, maybe he would have stayed his ass at home! Get it together ladies!

Having your own life doesn’t mean excluding him, it means having your own life and not being readily available all the time, especially when you are dating. Set yourself, right now, some short term goals before the end of the year. Mine is to learn how to properly fast for 30 days straight and write a short story once a week. These simple things actually take up my time, the little time I have left because I have a busy life. What are some simple things you can do, right now that is mainly for you? Can you join a group, go to fun meeting ups, have a weekly girls night out?

overwhelmed-mom-1950sRemember, getting your own life is so that you establish yourself as a complete individual before you share your life with someone. Even if your goal is to become a housewife, there are things you should have in order before that happens. Housewives are smart, sexy and can multi-task. They have to be able to balance schedules, take care of things for their families without falling apart and run her house. In fact, a study was done about what a salary would be if housewives got paid; she would make 175K a year!? In order to show that you are wife material, you gotta prove to a man that you are worth that invisible 175K. Make sense? Go set some goals before the end of the year and start working on them.

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