Gifts for the Boujie

Gift buying for someone who you think has it all isn’t always easy. I have some tips that are great to buy the Boujie people in your life. Some can be kind of pricey but others are very affordable gifts.

laptop1_tcm_245_150953710 Computers

You can never go wrong buying anyone a new computer or the best thing right now a touch screen laptop. If you are going to get someone a laptop, get the best not the cheapest. If you can not afford a laptop, a tablet is a great gift as an alternative.



3029-tiffany-amp-co19 Jewelry

A little bling is sometimes the best thing. A shiny rock, bracelet, earrings are great gifts. I warn any guy that wants to buy something for their lady to fall back from buying the wrong kind of jewelry pieces. For example, if you have never seen your woman wear studs, don’t buy her studs if she is a hoops girl. If you have never seen her wear a watch, guess what is not on the presents list. Get it? Got it? Good!


Upgrading-To-A-New-Phone8 Phones

The tricky thing with phones is you don’t always know what kind of plan your main squeeze has, so you might have to let the cat out the bag and bring them to your nearest Best Buy to buy them a new phone. Don’t get silly and upgrade them from an iPhone 5s to iPhone 6. If you see your love with an older phone then upgrade, don’t waste money on a gimmick!


louis-vuitton-red-bottom-shoes7 Shoes

You can never go wrong with gift cards for shoes. This goes for men and women; you don’t need to go with someone to pick out their shoes or surprise them with a pair. Just a simple gift card to their favorite shoe store is sufficient.Plus, style and fit varies, get them pick it up themselves.



images6 Accessories

One of my favorite gifts I ever got was from a Boujie girl. It was a pair of Versace sunglasses glasses. They were so stylish and fabulous that I wanted to wear them to bed, in the shower and everywhere else. Even if you haven’t a clue what the fashion trends of this season are, you can never go wrong with a pair of high end sunglasses or some other high fashion accessory.


apple_tv_fire_tv_boxes_hero_15 Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV

I actually brought this wonderful gadget this past summer. It cuts down the on the cable bill. I watch what I want to watch when I want. I have a subscription to Netflix and Hulu so how great is that! As long as you have Internet, it is one of the best gifts ever.



url4 Smart TV

My mom actually brought me a Smart TV last Christmas. (Hey Mom!) I absolutely love it. If you don’t want a Gadget like Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, a smart TV is all you need. They have apps right in the TV for you to use without the extra plugs. I warn you, some apps only work for Apple products and some only work for Smart TV. It’s stupid I know. Damn you FX!!!


scrapbook0253 Canvas to Scrapbook

This is one of the nicest and thoughtful gifts you can give someone is themselves! Finding out what a Boujie girl’s favorite picture of themselves is and heading over to even Walgreens (for a cheaper option) and making a canvas is a good idea. If you know someone who is finished accomplishing something, creating a Scrapbook of memories is also a thoughtful gift.


Inge og Ole?s bolig2 Bed and breakfast Get Away

Groupon and Living Social are great websites to find quick staycastions or short vacations. I went away for Christmas once and it was a nice gift. Going away for the holidays is the perfect time to relax and love on each other. Even if you just send one person away to see their family, it’s a great way to say I love you happy holidays!


1391761_10152422753886326_5167057465658523569_n1 Sega Genesis

No I’m serious. A game console or a game for a Playstation or Xbox is a very cool gift. For me an old game system is perfect, I doubt I would use it much but it’s nice t o have for a rainy weekend. But quality time wasted is a great gift.



Happy shopping!!!

Boujie Mack

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