Girl Code: Secrets Stay with You

imagesIt’s messed up when two people are not speaking then one or both parties decide spread their former BFF’s business around like the common cold. The most tacky and shameless thing a woman can do is run their mouth about someone just because they are not speaking to each other. Let’s face it, if something was told to you in confidence, it is likely you said something about yourself too. Would you want your business to be shouted from every mountain top? This high school foolishness needs to stop between women immediately.

Girlfriends get into fights with one another all the time. It’s a given, women know how to get to women. However, when those tiffs hit the fan, certain things don’t need to leave your lips. This goes for all types of relationships in general, not just ones between friends. If I’m in a romantic relationship and it doesn’t work out, there are things between us that will go with me to the grave.

6DC8E0C8485040668DA2B00E63677BE4I will be very honest. I had a girlfriend, who I was friends with for a long time. We stopped speaking because of a situation that involved her breaking my trust and crossing the line. We didn’t have a falling out or screaming match, I just chose to no longer speak to her. I still love her dearly but once I can’t trust you, I can’t be friends with you. She knows more about who I am than some people who I have grown up with and known my entire life. In the two years of us ending our friendship and stopping all communication, I have never heard any of my business come from her. I’m sure, in typical female fashion, she has said her piece about me and I have said my piece about her but our personal business and secrets I know she’s going to take to the grave. Why am I so sure? Throughout the years she and I were friends, I have seen her fall out with other people. Never once did I hear her talk about them, tell me their business or really have much to say. Sure there was a “bitch” exchanged here and there but that was about it.  This is a quality you should see in people before you tell them anything about yourself.

If you are around a gossiper or someone who likes to run their mouth about other people, you can bet they will do the same to you. Keeping your lips zipped is what grown women do. Sitting around and gossiping about someone else, just because you are not speaking to them is messy and immature. Believe this, if you once shared a bond enough to tell and listen to secrets, then those secrets should never leave your lips even after the friendship / relationship has fizzled out. Loyalty doesn’t stop just because we are not speaking; loyalty goes from life to the grave.

Locking my lips and throwing away the keys…


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