Goals for Yourself

setting goals for yourselfSince we’re on the road to changing and prepping for the New Year, something occurred to me. What’s the reason why we set up these goals? It is because we want to prove something to someone else or prove something to ourselves? It’s important to set goals for yourself, not someone else. The gratification of accomplishing something you put your mind to because you wanted to do it is so satisfying.

One of my besties lost about 15 pounds recently. She wasn’t really heavy but her ex made a rude comment about her weight when he left. So she hit the gym like a monster and got thinner and more toned. When I saw her, I didn’t think about this too much; I thought damn she looks good but her conversation didn’t change. She was still unhappy with her life and the only joy she seemed to have was when her rude as ex said she looked good. Actually his comment was, “Why didn’t you look like that before? Maybe I wouldn’t have left.” Smh… fuckboi.

What kind of shit is that? You’re going to change because SOMEONE ELSE said you were fat? Our happiness will never come from the approval of someone else. When you’re deciding to make these changes and goals, please let it come from within not outside influences. I’m not saying people around you, who care about you, can’t make suggestions on improvement. They certainly can but the motivation to change your life and setting up realistic goals has to come from you. It has to be something that will benefit you even if the person is around or not.

63ec77d0b0195203baa113e577ce9b81I watched a Sex in the City episode last night and it was the episode about Carrie dating Aiden. Aiden said he couldn’t date a smoker and while she said she wasn’t going to quit smoking over a guy, she did it anyway because HE wanted her to stop. The second they broke up, guess who went back to smoking! The fawk? Don’t do this because one, it’s a waste of time and two I repeat, you will never find happiness in the approval of others. Be fabulous, be healthy and stay focused on being a better you.

Returning a text message….

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