Going Vegan Prep

imagesJay Z and Beyonce have announced, for whatever reason, they are going vegan for 22 days. Jay Z said it was a challenge one of his friends pushed on him and they are trying it. Before any of you decide to start copying them and “going vegan” you need to be prepared. Keep in mind, Jay Z and Beyonce have professional chefs to make their meals and can afford to go vegan easily.


Going vegan can be pricey. You should be eating mainly organic foods, change the oils you eat with and look at all of the ingredients that are in the food you are purchasing. Start shopping at places like Whole Foods and farmers markets for fresher foods. Remember to take vitamins as well. Lastly DO YOUR RESEARCH! You cannot say, “Starting Monday I’m going vegan” it does not work that way.

vegan2You have to start right now eliminating things from your diet. Prepare for the transformation so that you do not fail.  Food journals are very good at keeping you accountable of what you are eating and helps you understand what you are putting in your mouth. Changing your diet is a process. There is a lot that can come from transforming into this lifestyle but you don’t want to flip flop and fail. Plus, going back and forth with this type a diet can mess up your digestive system, so brace yourself and take it one step at a time.




Check out some of these websites for going vegan and vegan recipes.


Heading over to Whole Foods,


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