Goodbye Mackie?!

Should I be mad at this? If you have a friend that is dealing with what life deals with them and they are honest about the limitations to their friendships, where can you cross the line?

I am a nice girl but I don’t just befriend anyone. Why? People in life are like a train. Some get off, some come on. Some just don’t have a ticket to get on your train. If the train is packed and there is no room, why try to force yourself in? When I try to politely decline any more passengers, this is what I get?

I thought it was sweet until I find out I was deleted of his Facebook?! Oh what the hell. Nonsense like that doesn’t move me. I think it’s safe to say, take your time getting to know people. I’m confident within 30-90 days their true colors surface and the representative you met will fade. Make better decisions when meeting people! UH!


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