tumblr_nmb1dqGXQO1r75x33o1_1280My friend Lisa, who happens to be a lead actress on “The Adjuncts” is always posting on her Facebook things she is grateful for. I admire that because it can be hard sometimes see how well you’re doing when it rains. I’m in the busy/quite time in my life. I’m so busy in the day but the early mornings and late nights, I can easily find myself being ungrateful for so many blessings. I guess it’s because it’s so quiet.
We have to learn to balance both the good and bad. My mom once told me that life was never promised to be simple but sometimes you really want a break. That break is those quiet and peaceful moments in the early morning or late at night in your home.
I heard a sermon of some sort from Steve Harvey. Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t a fan of his but I just love Family Feud! Anyway, he was talking about being on faith street and looking up not down. It touched me because I had to realize I’m really blessed, despite the struggles I continually face and have faced. Nothing is forever that includes problems. It doesn’t mean new problems won’t come but it means everything has a time. The Bible explains the same thing Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” So just hold on and be grateful.
b3e4ba54bc2743f927831ede2df08242I’ve seen a lot of dark days, ones that are still too painful to express on this blog right now, but I’m telling you I saw through them. It’s still a little cloudy but I’m grateful. If I ever start feeling bad, there is Lisa, listing things she is grateful for and it’s a reminder, this too shall pass.
I hope I reached someone today. I posted on my Facebook page this status, because I was bummed about something, People can tell you that you dodged a bullet but fail to mention if the bullet grazed your skin burns and leaves scars. :( Then my high school buddy LaVonya responded saying, “Burns cool down and heal, scars shrink. Full impact of the bullet u dodged would have been much worse. Think of it that way.” Talk about glass half full. Let’s try to work on changing the way we think and enjoy times that are quiet, happy and loving. Let’s be grateful.
I have plenty…

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