He hates Dogs…

12239647_10100505296024641_5685289664249508106_nOk so yours truly went on a date. Oh lord. We grabbed a bite to eat and some drinks. In the mist of conversation, I talked about my little dog because you know, I love him. He asked me if I’m ‘one of those chicks’ who is obsessed with her dog. (The phawk does that mean anyway?!) He didn’t know my Instagram name (follow @boujiemack) so he didn’t get to see my obsession with Little Cesar just yet. Then he starts complaining about dogs and he doesn’t like them. Excuse me… What? Hates dogs? What kind of monster am I on a date with?

So I liked this guy, I really did. He’s cute and paid the bill but hates dogs, so what kind of future can I have with someone who hates dogs? I told him, my dogs sleeps in the bed with me and he shook his head. You know what he said after that? When he spends the night, the dog is sleeping outside. That was when the date was over. First of all, really? Aren’t we confident that you get to spend the night but putting my dog out will not make me put out! Fuck boi!

So we aren’t speaking and there goes my potential boyfriend. He’s a cuddler too but hates dogs! I can’t get over it! There was no future in our love affair because of his lack for love for dogs. It wouldn’t have worked anyway because I can be a real bitch. 😉 Future bae where are you?!

Boujie Mack

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