He’s Such A Gentleman

Boujie girls worldwide I think have forgotten how to truly be treated. I went on a date this weekend, (yes clap for the new divorcee) and we went to this Asian restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. They didn’t have booths (I love booths) and I realized he pulled out my seat. I was so confused that I almost went around and grabbed the other seat because I thought he was getting ready to sit down. When I looked I saw he was holding the seat out for me.

Now, before I get a call from my ex’s lawyer claiming I’m ruining his name or some bullshit, let me be clear. My ex was very polite, he opened our car doors for me (except that time when he tried to throw me out the car…but it’s all good.) held the door open for me to walk through and was pretty chivalrous for the most part but he never held out my chair. I only saw that in movies.

Usually I know when someone is trying to impress me, for this guy, it seemed like being a gentleman was natural. (thumbs up for men in their 20’s) I mean homeboy was on point when we held hands, kept his eyes to himself, (that is hard for brothers in ATL just ask my…) held my arm up, let me go in first, touched my back, made sure I didn’t trip when walking in my tall shoes (he’s very tall by the way!) Just perfect!

Here is the thing, when you spend a lot of time living one way thinking, “this is how it should be” something comes out of nowhere and you realize that way of thinking was wrong. I heard someone say once you are treated like a queen you can never go back to the way you were treated and I completely agree. I am accustomed to being treated well for the most part but this weekend opened my eyes to a whole new world. I realized things I didn’t always like, were actually ok. There is a level of intimacy I am now seeing and I’m already hooked.

It’s important to remember what it is you want from another person and stick by it. I cannot blame someone else for not treating me right if I don’t say anything about being treated wrong. I heard someone say they don’t desire to hold their own wife, I can imagine her unhappiness, but how great would it be to be held by someone who does desire you? What I’m saying is live by your rules and the rules of your life. Know what you want and stick by it, anything else you bring on yourself and that is not the boujie way!

(**disclaimer** This date happened early in the summer, but the experience has changed my whole life)

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