HIV TEST RESULTS… ON FACEBOOK?!!?!? Yup, you are a loser!


Facebook and Twitter are taking things a little too far. To the people are showing off their STD results to their followers and friends please note that you are just plain tacky. Real boujie girls keep their business to themselves because you don’t have to prove anything to the world; it’s your world.


People who have the nerve to go on Facebook or any social network and show off their HIV results or STD results need to get a life. Anyone who thinks they need to prove to anyone what their status is on Facebook is a loser. Yes I called you a damn loser and let me just add, a fool.


Attention whores do foolishness like that. You have no tact nor are you classy, especially for you ladies. The only ones who need to know your status are you and your partner. For those who follow what they see, please know there are fake test and fake results. People can easily make them things up, so believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.




You people just kill me…




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