Holiday Pound Watch Out

As we get ready for the fun holidays and most of us survived thanksgiving, it is important for boujie girls to end the year off right. Now is not the time to forget you have a figure or want to get a better one. When attending parties and social events, there are simple ways you can be cautious on what and how you eat.

First, be sure to start drinking more water starting now. Drinking water fills you up and keeps the beautiful face clear. Not to mention, it prevents you from over eating. Try drinking, until the need of the year, two bottles of water, one when you wake up and one when you have breakfast. For the rest of the day keep drinking water (at least two bottles) with all of your meals.

If you are going to drink during the holidays, try to go in once a week. On the day you drink, eat so you are not a total utter mess but keep the carbs down. Also, it is not the boujie way to be sloppy drunk. Talk about lack of class but we have all been there!

Do not wait until the New Year to start your dieting plans. Still work out as much as you can and work out before you go out. Make room for the calories you are about to take in. You may not lose a lot of weight in the next 3-4 weeks but you can maintain where you are or slim down a little. Better you finish off the year right to keep you motivated well past the 30 days of dieting and failing the New Year brings.

Avoiding that pumpkin pie..


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