Honest Graduation Gifts for the Class of 2014

Congratulations to the class of 2014! For those with family members and friends who are graduating this year, offer them support, love and of course, reality. Let them bask in the joy of finishing a major accomplishment before you lay down what the real world is going to be like. As you prepare to buy gifts to celebrate them…. here is a list of honest gifts.

628x47110: Bill Cosby’s “Congratulations! Now What? A Book for Graduates”
This book is not only insightful but it is honest.





The-Quick-Resume-Cover-Letter-Book-5th-Ed-Farr-Michael-97815935785659: A resume and cover letter book, one that is more recent.
Grads are going to need this because they will be constantly changing their resumes and cover letters for the next few years, likely for life.




selfhelpdaily-charlie-brown-quote8: A Book of Quotes
Grads are going to need to be motivated to continue to work hard now that they are tossed into the mean cold cruel world where debt is not forgiven.




imgres7: Gift Cards
They can use a ton of gift cards to buy professional outfits, coffee for the early morning hitting the pavement days, or even gas cards to go on interviews. Gas cards are likely the best.




images6: Money
Since they are likely in a lot of debt, they are going to need the extra cash to start out. It is likely they will still be living with parents but starting a savings account with your generous donation will be appreciated.




url5: Lots of phone numbers to job placement agencies and recruiters.
The economy supposedly has added more jobs; this means the job market is open for new comers who are happy to take the cheap labor.





9262942808_ea64c20823_z4: Recipe book
They are going to have to start eating better than noodles and it will save them money if they learn to cook now.




1586321993_1_Flv_320x180_thumb_13: Resume holder
It is very professional and a place for them to hold copies of their resumes.





food-shelf-canned.208190520_std2: Canned Goods
If they are on their own, they are going to need as many donations as possible because the rising cost of living compared to what college graduates are making after graduation does not match up.




mother hugging her daughter1: A Hug
Just because they are going to need it.



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