How Do We Solve an Issue Like Tara?

tarapregI don’t watch the Love and Hip Hop series anymore because of the buffoonery and foolishness they promote. But while I’m scrolling down Instagram, what do I see? One of the characters is pregnant by the dirtiest feet on the planet. Tara Wallace, reality tv star, is pregnant by her married baby father Peter Gunz… again! I was so surprised but not really. Let’s break this crap down.

The Entitled
Tara looks like a Boujie girl, talks like one, and acts like one but believe me she is no Boujie girl! It’s like she walks around saying Amina, Peter Gunz’s wife, should not have gotten with a man who had a family. While she is right about that, everything Tara has done since then is trash. Even after Peter Gunz left her, she was still sleeping with him, dealing with him, and now getting pregnant by him as if her behavior is superior to Amina’s because Tara had him first? She feels entitled to do whatever she wants because she put up with Dirty Pete’s Feet? FOH!

tumblr_mw64ch1CUg1qln00mo2_400The Stupid
I don’t need to address Amina because she picked up some trash and now it funked up her house. Those are the breaks but Tara… I said it from day one that there was something about this chic didn’t like. I wanted to like her because I empathize with the feeling of being with a man for a long time and him doing you so dirty but she’s just as filthy. Did she not mess around with Peter while he was in another relationship with someone else? Well before Amina was in the picture? Now she’s doing that shit again? Who’s the dumb one? Her only claim is Amina shouldn’t have gotten with a man with a family… you shouldn’t have either, dumb ass!

The Dirty Feet
Peter Gunz is garbage and we all know it. I won’t say that wouldn’t be me because once you say something like that, it’s like you cursed yourself into pain. I will say, I pray I don’t attract someone like Gunz and I pray for wisdom to get out of a situation that doesn’t protect me or my child. I’ve been in messed up relationships where the man didn’t respect me and I put up with it. Eventually, I had to tell myself enough is enough. Putting up with someone’s filth doesn’t mean love. It doesn’t even equal self-respect. When will enough be enough for everyone in a situation like Tara’s? Men like Peter don’t respect Tara or any woman for that matter. Why be with someone like that, let alone sleep with them without protection? Insane.

Women like Tara are not honest with themselves. It’s not about being blind in love or naive. It’s about being honest and telling yourself this is not an ideal situation and if I care enough about myself, health and body (which are one) I am going to have to make the painful decision to do better, be better, become stronger. That’s the truth. The truth can be very painful when you have strong feelings for someone but in the end, being honest and going through the emotions to get yourself out of a rut with someone so poisonous is better.

This is a really long post because I feel so strongly about this “love triangle” and I want better for Tara and anyone in Tara’s shoes. If women didn’t put up with the crap men do, would they continue to do it? Would Dirty Feet Pete really continue to be a sleeze if there was no one to fuck around with? Enough will come but hopefully not at the expense of your soul.

Turning off this TV…

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