HUMP DAY: IN A Relationship

facebook-relationship-status-2-e1298250542888When you are dating, you tend to keep a low profile on your love life because things are up in the air and nothing is permanent or official. It’s better to keep it that way because you certainly don’t want to shy away potentials or talk about something or someone who may not be in your life by next week. Then there is the moment when things get serious. When you’re ready to change your relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship”. That exciting realization that you have someone special in your life and you are debating if it is a good time to let the world know you are taken. Why is this even an issue?

It is an issue because of people’s intentions. When people’s lives change there is either a negative or positive reaction to what friends and family feel about the situation. If someone isn’t happy with themselves or where they are in life, do not expect them to cheer you on and be sincere about it. See what happens when you go from being in a relationship to single. Everyone is your new best friend. When it is vice versa, it’s different; there is fakeness in the air when you are being congratulated. Sometimes people may not have ill intentions; they are just nosy and waiting for things to change on your profile.

images1This doesn’t always include relationship changes, it happens with life events as well. People having children, getting new jobs and etc. Posting information on these social networks get you stalked more than you are honestly, even worth because people tend to try to find something about you to compare themselves to. If you measure up more than them, the ugly side of human nature takes over. Also, constantly posting about your significant other or life change, whatever, is your business and not everyone gives a damn. Cut that mess out, you are just opening the door to more unnecessary drama. Who cares if you boo gave you an apple, eat it and shut up. SMH!

What to do? Nothing. If you choose to share and announce different phrases in your life, keep it limited. I always say give people a peek if you are going to have a social network. I never believed people actually pray on someone’s downfall but they aren’t praying for a come up either. Leave enough room for little gossip and curiously but not enough room for people to collect a bunch of information about your life to attack you with. What is that about anyway? Not the boujie way!

Staying interesting…

Boujie MACK

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