Hump Day Files: Does He Bite You?

urlA reader sent me a question a few weeks ago and asked about biting in the bedroom. She says she has bite marks from her man because he likes to go into animal mode during sex. While at first I thought, what is the big deal but she then started to explain she bruises. I almost asked her to send me pictures of the bruises as proof. How do I know she doesn’t have sensitive skin? Well, here is where I was shocked; when she told him it hurts, he responded she is supposed to like pain! Say what now?

Ladies, has a man ever bitten in you the midst of lovemaking? I get a little nibble here and there, but for a man to start chewing on you like you are a piece of gum is a little absurd. My advice to her was to tell him this was hurting her and he needed to stop or at least try not to bite as hard. But who told men we like pain? Who is this man’s father and why do men like this think chomping on your woman is ok? I bet some loser started a rumor that we secretly like this and their simple selves said, “Yes, we must bite the women!”

imagesThere is a very sensitive line people can cross over and over again if you let them, specially your significant other. You do not want the person you are with to think you are boring or stiff but physical pain is not ok, unless you are into the S&M stuff. But, if you are getting bitten like from a zombie from the Walking Dead from your boo… I suggest you pump the breaks before he pumps you again!

Giving someone the side eye…


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