Hump Day Files: I Can’t Live With Him

urlThere comes a moment in a couple’s life when they decide to take leap of faith and move in together. This is usually the step before marriage or a break up. Either way the journey is something you will never forget.

Someone recently asked me on my ASK MACK column with OUR Magazine that she needed to give her boyfriend an answer soon about them moving in together. At first I asked what the problem was but as I continued to read the letter, it explained he was a pig and she wasn’t. She lost 7 roommates, who couldn’t get along with her because she was overbearing with the house rules. If her boyfriend moves in with her, she was worried about them breaking up because he was messy.

Man-watching-TV-in-his-me-002For anyone who faces this or are the slob yourself know this, there is no real solid solution. However, you have to remember that you love this person. Lead by example I say. I go into details to help her, which you can read in the winter issue coming up. But let me summarize and say this. Messiness is the least of your worries. There are far more important things you can complain about then someone being messy. Moving in together means the merging of things before you are married that means there could be some missing DVDs and a fight over who owns the Blu-ray player if you break up and that is not the boujie way! Keep it simple and be a good girlfriend. Be patient and show him what you can and can’t live with then bitch to your girlfriends later. A happy house has orgasms. Carry on.

Looking at my own pile of junk…


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