Hump Day Files: Eat What?!

feetbed_resize_287177Because I have been asked this question so many times, I am finally going to address it. Bookmark this post because I’m going to only address it once. This whole “toss his salad” thing, when a man wants you to put your face in his behind is not a new phenomenon. It used to be shocking when a straight man asked to do it to a woman but now (in 2014) he wants the favor returned. The burning question isn’t how could he ask me to do this but is he gay for asking me to do it?

Is He Gay?

To put it shortly, no. There is an area in the man’s ass that can make him climax almost immediately. It is like a male G Spot. Men who like to experiment with that part find it to be very stimulating and they want it done on them so they can “feel good”. That doesn’t mean they are gay. Some men, which I do not agree with, will even go as far as wanting a woman to wear a strap-on. While this doesn’t conclude a man is gay, it does raise suspicion. Some guys are freaky and if you are dealing with an over sexual and experimental guy, those are things he is into. There are other things people are into like S&M, bondage, torture and etc. Some of that includes women being open to doing things that are not “sexually traditional”.

couple_about_to-have_sex2011-bigIf you are facing a man who tosses his ass in your face and wants you to have a bite or taste, make a decision on what you want to do with him. Do you really want to go there? Once you open Pandora’s Box there is no turning back. This is why it is so important that you get to know your partner before you unleash your inner vixen. Because you never know… they may be one too! Also, be choosy on who you plan on nibbling on. The last thing you want is for people to find out you have been ass-faced by a loser! Any questions, comments? Vomits?

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