Hump Day Files: Feminine Men or Gay?

men-in-touch-with-feminine-sideIn a conversation with some friends, one of them brought up the idea of questioning her man about his sexuality. This is a very sensitive topic to men who are not gay, don’t want to be considered gay or are in the closet and don’t want to be outted. I mean, how would you feel if someone asked you about your sexual preference? To be fair, before you assume all men are gay or in jail, think about the man’s background. Also, ladies, it’s lame to accuse a man of being gay because he doesn’t want you. It’s simple, he just doesn’t want to. Smh!

His Mama, Sister, Nana….

Men who grow up around women tend to sometimes be a little feminine. You have to understand you are what you grow up around. That doesn’t mean he’s gay or wants to be a woman. It means he mimics certain behaviors he has been around. If he is rolling his neck, batting his eyes and asks to wear your bra, you can start to panic. However, simple rolling eyes gestures can pass. Yes, rolling eyes can pass. Funny hand gestures can– scratch that, its suspect. Moving on. Think about it, if there are no male figure in the house or one in the house but is never home, what kind of traits will a little boy pick up?

P-Diddy-2012This is why having a man around is so important. These days men can’t even change a tire let alone Bill Cosby his way through a kitchen. This is likely because he did not grow up around his dad and if that is the case, guess who else raised him? Sometimes men are just feminine. The term is metrosexual. Straight men wear pink, get their nails and toes done, some groom their pubic and eyebrows. This does not deem them gay. If they are fashion conscience, it is what they know and like. Some guys are just pretty. Better pretty than single?! I don’t know. I like my men clean and a little rugged. But that’s not what I get tho… just saying. Happy Hump day!

Picking out a present…


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