Hump Day Files… Fishy Kitty Kat

embarrassing-beauty-question-yl-deWe’ve already discussed the importance of making sure you have a nice scent. Walking around ashy trying to shake someone’s hand is not the boujie way! There is another significant problem some boujie girls have… that is the fishy kitty cat. Odor control much? 😉

Apart of always being fresh is keeping it fresh. If it is that time of the month and your body lets off an unpleasant scent, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! If you can smell yourself there is a high chance someone else can too and that is just nasty. If your girlfriend has an odor problem, be a friend and help her out. There are subtle ways of letting her know she is a little (or a lot) funky.

attractive young woman isolated on whiteIf you don’t want to come right out and tell her she is stinking, try talking about using wet naps to keep clean and give her some. Tell her you read about the benefits in a magazine or an online blog (i.e. Boujie Mack) and to try it for a week. You will know if she does. Get into conversations about keeping the kitty kat clean and so on. Hopefully she will catch on. If push comes to shove and she is not getting the hints, tell her that her kitten is meowing.

For the rest, there are a lot of ways to keep it clean. Getting an odorless soap, like Dove or Summer’s Eve are great for cleaning the kitten. Some women do not clean the inside of the kitty walls with soap, but you absolutely can with specific soaps. Stay away from soaps with scents; they have been known to cause complications. Douching is not recommended because of the disadvantages that come with it. (check out for more info) It is very sanitary during the summertime to carry wipes to keep it from getting too hot down there. Lastly, it is recommended that you sleep with shorts or loose panties. Your vajayjay needs to breathe, quit locking it up!

Slipping a tampon in my hand-purse…


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