Hump Day Files: Give It to Him

2370831-sexy-girl-with-slr-photo-camera-taking-a-shootThis year women should try to be a little more creative to end the year. When you are giving your significant other a gift for the holidays, instead of the regular, “what do you want” gimmick, do something special. There is no better way to end the year right then by stamping a moment into your sweetheart’s brain. Give them something they will never forget!



Video Vixen

Disclaimer: When you are taking sexy pictures and videos, it is not for someone you have been dating for only a year. You need to be sure where the relationship is going and that is it something real before you take your clothes off and strike a pose for them to see. Wait until you are engagement ready or married before you attempt this!

vanessa_hudgens_sexy_photoshoot_110211_400x300Men are visual creatures and women are sensual. Creating a sexy video where you are dancing slowly and looking sexy, staring directly into the camera is an excellent gift. What to up it? Pull out your cell phone and hand it over to your honey and let them be the videographer. Notice I said, YOUR cell phone. Get new lingerie and give it your all. Who wouldn’t want that as a holiday gift? After the New Year passes, when someone ask them what they got for Christmas, all they will be able to do is laugh and blush.

You can also create a sexy photo shoot and give them the pics in an album. (Do nothing online!) Or you could have a nude art created for them, like in the Titanic movie. You can keep the portrait in your bedroom and the album will be called, “For Your Eyes Only”. Let the vixen come out and own it. The only problem that can come from this is following up for Valentine’s Day… but hey; life is about trying new things and being different.

Quick note, do not worry about how you look. Buy something you feel sexy in and get comfortable with your body. Now work it girl!

Still blushing…


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